Level 3: Lead Teams

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Here are the resources for Growth Journey Level 3: Lead Teams. Each of these resources is the property of the author or group who has developed it, and the integrity of the links to the information is contingent upon the original contributors keeping the links the same. If you come across any broken links, please make a note in the comments below and our team will investigate the breakdown.

Step #1: Inspiring and Recruit Volunteers – How Great Leaders Inspire Actions by Simon Sinek

Step #2: Intelligent and Aligning People – Five Ways to Listen Better video by Julian Treasure

Step #3: Fair-Minded and Team Building – Build a Tower, Build a Team video by Tom Wujec

Step #4: Competent and Lead With Strengths – Purchase StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath

Step #5: Integrity and Building Morale – Raising Morale in the Small Church by Glenn Daman