Level 2: Lead Others

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Here are the resources for Growth Journey Level 2: Lead Others. Each of these resources is the property of the author or group who has developed it, and the integrity of the links to the information is contingent upon the original contributors keeping the links the same. If you come across any broken links, please make a note in the comments below and our team will investigate the breakdown.

Step #1: Communicator and Personal Communication – Future of Storytelling by Jennifer Aaker

Step #2: Cooperative and Dealing With Conflict – Conflict Negotiations video by William Ury

Step #3: Self-Controlled and Managing Personal Resources – Wealth Wisdom and the World video by Dave Ramsey and the investment online calculator

Step #4: Cares and Giving Soul Care – Better Together audio by Judah Smith

Step #5: Courageous and Resolving Conflict – Restorative Practices to Resolving Conflict by Katy Hutchison


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