parkbench smiling
Growing up around the cornfields of Iowa I learned how to work hard, fight for the things that matter, and give Jesus praise for it all. My father showed me how to overcome difficult odds, my grandmother taught me how to pray when you don’t feel like it, and a host of others encouraged me to never give up. I never did.

I have lived in the closet of a church, dropped out of college for lack of funds, failed in youth ministry, and lived on hot dogs and Ramen Noodles. I always believed God had a plan for me as long as I remained faithful. Through every step, I was surrounded by individuals who loved me, believed in me, and encouraged me.

Now, I want to return the favor. There are leaders all over the country hungry to matter, but worn out and beat down not sure they can hold on any longer. I am here to remind them…remind you…that you can hold on. I am proof of it. There is nothing special about me, I just never gave up. I want to come alongside you and encourage you to never give up and navigate through the challenges.

Carissa and Brandon

I have been blessed to be married to my better half, Carissa. From the great lands of the Northeast, she ventured to the Midwest for college where we met and she fell madly in love with me. Something about my persistence and unwillingness to be denied…in other words I wore her down until she gave in. Married in 2007 we started the greatest journey of our lives, building a family and serving people. Carissa is a Physician Assistant and enjoys helping people feel confident in themselves and improve their quality of life. Her compassionate heart and desire to help people make her well suited for her career. Her patience and perseverance make her well suited to be my wife.

Carissa and I are parents to Aiden Michael. He is a wonderful addition to our little family and brings an overwhelming sense of love and joy to us. Born on December 31, he will enjoy fireworks on his birthday his whole life long. Being a father has opened my eyes to a whole new part of life, as well as a whole new part of me. I am so excited to watch him grow from a sweet boy to a fun child to a challenging teenager and finally an exceptional man.

In November of 2016, we welcomed our second boy, Isaiah Robert to the family. He looks just like his older brother, is full of life, is a little more serious, and loves to cuddle with his mom. He has brought so much sunshine into our lives and his older brother Aiden is such a big helper with him.