Shallow Creativity

In Genesis 1 the Bible tells the story of Yahweh creating all things over the course of six days by speaking them into existence from nothing, and at the end of his creating, he declared what he had created to be good. It is worth noting that the world God created was significantly complex and elegant filled with hints and signposts toward the character and nature of the Creator Himself (Oster, 2011). For some in the scientific world, the attempts to remove God from his creation seem to be futile, because the deeper science delves into the mysteries of creation, the more magnificent and awesome our perspective of the Creator becomes. In modern times science has neglected its divine calling by becoming subject to earthly institutions rather than truly seeking the signposts creation uses to point toward the Creator (Kuyper, 2011).

In all areas of creativity and innovation, this seems to be the case. For some reason, the advancement of creativity and imagination have fallen into a rut of removing God from the process of creating. For the vast majority of the populace, the sensitivity and artistic inclination once enjoyed has slipped toward a hollow shell of itself, leaving less than inspiring artistic expressions that are absent from any sense of the Creator Himself (Kuyper, 2011). Though being creative is a form of worship of the Creator (Oster, 2011), just as any other form of worship, there exists an empty form of creativity that is void of any relational connection between God and the artist (Oster, 2011; Kuyper, 2011), instead settling for lesser pursuits such as monetary gain and personal fame (Kuyper, 2011). This form of creativity is a distortion of mankind’s divine gifting to reflect God in imagination and innovation, and short of what mankind was created to enjoy.


Kuyper, A. (2011). Wisdom & wonder: common grace in science and art (English Ed). Grand Rapids, ID: Christian Library Press.

Oster, G. W. (2011). The light prize: perspectives on Christian innovation. Virginia Beach, Va.: Positive Signs Media.

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