Jesus was a Global Leader

Jesus is arguably the greatest leader who has ever lived, however, his area of influence through the course of his ministry was only a hundred miles from Capernaum to Jerusalem (“Jesus’ Mission,” 2011). Given this small area of influence, there is reason some argue Jesus was not a global leader, limiting his ability to be an example as a great leader. This assumption, however, is inaccurate and just as Jesus was a great leader, he was also a great global leader.

Global leaders are visionaries inspired by a worldwide challenge that remains unsolved (Cabrera, 2012). There is no greater worldwide problem that surpasses mankind’s sin problem, which Jesus came to address (Mk. 16:16, Jn. 14:6). Jesus came to set mankind free from sin and the fallen nature inherited from Adam (Gn. 3:6-7). Jesus came to address the greatest problem of the world, and he effectively addressed it having only traveled only a hundred miles and leaving only a handful of followers.

Global leadership does not require one to necessarily travel the world, but rather have a global perspective that embraces the variety of cultures and how to brings them together (Cabrera, 2012).  One of the attributes global leaders need to have is a global mindset, which is the ability of a leader to influence individuals, as well as groups, that are unlike them (Wang, Li, & Mobley, 2011). Jesus did spend most of his ministry ministering to his fellow Jews, however, he spent time training his disciples for a life that would take them beyond Jerusalem and the Jewish people, partially through setting an example for them. For instance, though there were major racial divides between the Jewish people and the Samaritans, Jesus shows his disciples how to reach beyond such boundaries (Jn. 4:4-26), to be global leaders themselves.


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